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Friday, 1 February 2013

History of a Vampire - Background part 1

After playing an NPC in the last Vampire live event, i decided to make a new character that can interact better with the chronicle.
I want to tell you her Background in a few posts.
Since i know a master of the vampire chronicle is the only one reading this blog ( Hi Flora! <3 ), i think it won't cause any problem to the game.
This not a NEW story, like something special or my whole invention.
I wanted to make a character that i had pleasure to play.

History of Sid Darkflame:

Elinor was born in 1892 from William Fireston and Agata Devis, in Akron, Ohaio.
Her father was Harvey Samuel Firestone’s cousin and they did open in society the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company.

Since the early years Elinor reveals her obscure power, waking up her mother at night, when hungry, by mental visions and mental screams.
When upset it seems like object were moving and crashing because of her.
Both her parents and especially her mother, were frightened by that.
But growing up she proves to be a sweet and amiable kid and her angry attacks end up by vanishing completely.

Starting from her 6 years old, she begin to hear voices in her head.
Like an inconstant buzz, it seems she was hearing other people thought, the louder ones, like they were shouting.

In 1899 her beloved mother dies.
Both, father and daughter strongly suffer from this loss. But 2 years after that, William decide to get married again thinking it would be the best for him and his daughter as well.
In 1906 the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company fabricate the tire that will be chose by Henry Ford for his first mass-produced cars.

After this success William decide to go on his own and moves with the whole family to Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania, where he will open an authorized Ford company spare parts.

to be continued...


  1. ...anche lei gioca a Vampiri? Ma dai, anche io! :D

  2. Ma mi dai del lei? XD
    Si si gioco a vampiri live da qualche anno ormai e a giugno scorso abbiamo iniziato a partecipare ad una nuova cronaca (vecchia di 12 stagioni in verità se non erro) a Pavia