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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Hostory of a Vampire - Background part 4

She was shocked.
Every noise, color and smell seemed stronger then before.
The voices in her head were never stopping.
She was feeling so THIRSTY!
She saw in her head those people in a farm close.
They were so fresh, their skin so soft and clear….
She was out of control and dragged herself under the rain through the mud to the farm.
Then a black out in her mind, she lost consciousness of herself and when woke up there were lacerated corpses, blood everywhere, and a 8 or 9 years old boy crying hiding in a corner.
She looked ad her self, her vest her hand….that could not be..not her!
She ran away, again in the dark under the rain

She felt so tormented by pain, not believing about what she saw, about what she thought she has done.
Was running blind through the night until something did stop her.
An hand was grabbing her harm, she turned to look who belong that hand but all she could see was a dark shadow that was laughing at her with evil malice.
“What a wonderful mind!” said the shadow.
Then she was easily picked up and they both vanished in the night.

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